wednesday, may 07, 2008
A taste of Daily Candy while browsing LA.

Thank you Daily Candy.  If you missed the article on my new collection at Redeem, you'll find it (Jesse's Girl, May 5th) here.  Thanks everyone for your comments.  

That story appeared while we were winding up a trip to LA where I had a chance to be among the "Den of Thieves" selling at Kelly Towles' West Coast coming-out party.  Kelly's new works, "Highway Robbery", are as irrevrant and fun as ever and the party was a hit.  If you haven't seen Kelly's work, check out his site.   Thanks to Kelly and POOL Tradeshow LA., the sponsors of the event.  POOL's LA gallery space (LOOP) has ongoing events which present and promote emerging artists.  If you're in the area, check them out to see the latest edge in art and fashion (and pictures from the party.)  POOL's mission to showcase small, indepedent designers is unique and so appreciated!  On the other edge of the fashion /art spectrum are LA's more established stores.  Everyone has their own list but I'll mention one of my favorites which you might not know: Blackman/Cruz.  They don't sell clothing or jewelry but collectible accessories for the home.  I can't afford any of them, but browsing through the store (acrylic-encased monkey hearts; original Buck Rogers ray guns; antique safes and large turn-of-the-century French X-Ray lights) is like walking the floor of of a tasteful Ripley's museum.  It appeals to my own passion for mixing eclectic items and presenting them in a way you wouldn't have imagined.   One final word on LA: Hybrid!  We've been many times before but never used only 3 gallons of gas.

I'm looking forward to this weekend's Squidfire show in Baltimore.   It's rain or shine... 



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