tuesday, april 15, 2008
The new site.

Welcome to the new site.  Not all items are on the site yet but I'll be adding new pieces continuously over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I hope you like the new look!  I also want to thank my models  Thea and Kandice who were simply amazing!  And a special thanks to Julie Ann Woodford, whose great photographs made it all work.  

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06/01/2009 - geh

I just saw the necklace that my co worker bought at your show this past weekend in Phila. INCREDIBLE !! I MUST have one !!

05/05/2008 - melissa bear

Love your pieces...own an e-boutique and looking to feature local artists...please add me to your email list. www.furtub.com LOVE LOVE your jewelry melissa@furtub.com

05/05/2008 - pdg

i love your wearable art. i particularly love the "cuff love" collection. im a fellow artisan myself in denial. by that i mean im in another career but my heart is in art. keep up the good work. please add me to your email list.

04/23/2008 - mar

I like the new website design -- simple and clean. And some fine new pieces,too -- Urban Armor especially. Nice job!

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