sunday, february 10, 2013
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monday, july 18, 2011
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monday, march 28, 2011
Hot new stores!

The newest two stores to carry REALM are both in Las Vegas.  Annie Creamcheese is at the upscale Shops at the Palazzo.  Specializing in vintage clothing and contemporary accessories, I'll be making one-of-a-kind for Annie C, featuring some vintage, repurposed elements as well as pieces from my current line.


And down the street at Planet Hollywood, REALM is now available at Club Tattoo.   Founded by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, it's called the "hottest tattoo studio" in the world with the hottest jewelry to match!

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thursday, september 02, 2010
A chic desert boutique makes it 20!

I'm excited that two new stores have added my jewelry to their trendy shelves.  P-KOK on Haight in San Francisco.  And a new boutique in Palm Springs, Wil Stiles.  That makes our 20th store where customers can help define their own REALM with a little help from us! 

A little write-up on Wil Stiles...

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friday, may 07, 2010
What's That About Immitation...

...being the sincerest form of flattery.  Well then, I was quite flattered to come upon Top Shop's "Safety Pin Drops", last night. 

Is it just me, or do these earrings bear a striking resemblance to  my Pin Cluster earrings, which debuted in LF stores last year?

At least they sold out.  But guess what, you can still buy the bigger, better original right here!


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thursday, april 08, 2010
Worn shows us how we're wearing it.

We dropped by Sweet Green in Logan Circle this week for the launch party of Worn, DC's new magazine of fashion, style and art.  Editor and Creative Director Nicole Aguirre promises to bring a greater awareness of local fashion and art.  And the premier issue (availble next week) delivers.

Of course we'll admit some bias -- check out our jewelry in the Black Blooms feature spread.  Among other places, you can pick up a copy at Redeem.  And read the interview with Alicia Cosnahan aka Decoy, one of my favorite street artists.

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friday, march 26, 2010
Better Late ...

...than never is clearly our motto when it comes to blogging.

A lot has actually happened since 2008.  We're tempted to tell you we've been too busy to blog, but actually we're just lazy about it.  We even began 2010 with a blogging resolution.  What, it's March already?  Well, as we said, better late ...

...than never sharing this picture of the fabulousLF Store on LA's ultra-chic Robertson Boulevard, a 4-block stretch described as a diorama for hip Los Angeles.

Home to not just LF, but other retail trendsetters like Kitson, Curve,  Maxfield Blue and the if you're a star and want the world to see you eating eatery, the Ivy; this is the street where you want your trendsetting jewelry to be shown, and here was my Asymmetric Cross Necklace --

It was on one of 3 front-window mannequins, all displaying REALM jewelry.  This Spring, my colloboration with LF continues, with, among others,  my Asymmetric Pearl Necklace and Pin Cluster earrings which are available in DC at Redeem.  LF isn't just a west coast phenom.  There are stores in Manhattan, Miami and Boston and you can find original statement jewelry from REALM in all of them.

LF is just one of a growing number of retailers -- in 10 states and 3 countries -- in our growing REALM. 

Read our blog to keep up-to-date.  Stop laughing.

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monday, december 01, 2008
On the Rocks, Medusa slithers!

OK, our Medusa necklace may be buried (tastefully, we hasten to add) under a bed of rocks, but still we were grateful to be included in December's Washingtonian which highlighted works by local  jewelry designers. 


A great end to a successful year!  Thanks to all.

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tuesday, october 14, 2008
Lucky us; summer's toast plus one hot brand.

Thanks to Lucky magazine (in particular Betsy Lowther) for their noticing my "alluring" designs.  See the November issue.        


What was with summer?  OK, it wasn't the hottest or wettest but on those days when I had big outside shows it was the HOTTEST or WETTEST.  It seemed to rain every Sunday I planned to do Eastern Market too; sorry I missed so many of you.

One steamy August day I happily took refuge at Upstairs on 7th, the latest store to carry an exclusive line of my jewelry.  Owner Ricki Peltzman put on a trunk show for my Couture pieces and it was a smashing success.  Ricki's small boutique is attached to Touchstone Gallery in Penn Quarter.  I've never seen so much glamour packed into 300 square feet.  If you haven't seen it, you should, and say hi to Ricki!


And as fall begins I, at long last, have a new logo!  When I conceived of the REALM concept I hoped to convey in the name that each of us creates our own world, our own realm by the fashion choices we make.  I envisioned something with a keyhole through which one could see my artistic vision beyond.  Hard to explain, harder still to design.  All the while I kept having people come up to me at shows and say, "Oh, you're the pin guy!"  And so I am.  What's more iconic for REALM than a kilt pin logo?  My thanks (once again) to my friend artist Kelly Towles for his translation.

And last but certainly not least; I want everyone to know that the multi armed "Goddess" Icon that's been on my website homepage for a few months now, was created brilliantly by my mom, Marlene Walker, who is an artist and graphic designer.

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wednesday, may 07, 2008
A taste of Daily Candy while browsing LA.

Thank you Daily Candy.  If you missed the article on my new collection at Redeem, you'll find it (Jesse's Girl, May 5th) here.  Thanks everyone for your comments.  

That story appeared while we were winding up a trip to LA where I had a chance to be among the "Den of Thieves" selling at Kelly Towles' West Coast coming-out party.  Kelly's new works, "Highway Robbery", are as irrevrant and fun as ever and the party was a hit.  If you haven't seen Kelly's work, check out his site.   Thanks to Kelly and POOL Tradeshow LA., the sponsors of the event.  POOL's LA gallery space (LOOP) has ongoing events which present and promote emerging artists.  If you're in the area, check them out to see the latest edge in art and fashion (and pictures from the party.)  POOL's mission to showcase small, indepedent designers is unique and so appreciated!  On the other edge of the fashion /art spectrum are LA's more established stores.  Everyone has their own list but I'll mention one of my favorites which you might not know: Blackman/Cruz.  They don't sell clothing or jewelry but collectible accessories for the home.  I can't afford any of them, but browsing through the store (acrylic-encased monkey hearts; original Buck Rogers ray guns; antique safes and large turn-of-the-century French X-Ray lights) is like walking the floor of of a tasteful Ripley's museum.  It appeals to my own passion for mixing eclectic items and presenting them in a way you wouldn't have imagined.   One final word on LA: Hybrid!  We've been many times before but never used only 3 gallons of gas.

I'm looking forward to this weekend's Squidfire show in Baltimore.   It's rain or shine... 



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